Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Transformational Leadership in Guatemala

By Sharon D Green
Alethes Consulting Group, LLC

In February 2012, I retired from the U.S. Army and in August 2012, I became a certified Coach on the John Maxwell Team (JMT).  Why John? I've successfully led Service Members and Civilians for over 23.5 years, so why John?  If it was not clear to me that John was a man of CHARACTER, EXCELLENCE, INTEGRITY, HUMILITY and EXPERTISE before last week, this experience confirmed the voice of God in my heart that said, YES, John.

International Leadership Expert, Author, Speaker, John C. Maxwell, formed a leadership team in order to leave a legacy and expand his territory to impact lives in places that he himself may never see.  For the first time, he invited his Coaches to join him on the missions field in Guatemala City, Guatemala; along with his non-profit organization EQUIP.  It was truly a transforming experience for all who were involved.  Words may never capture the spirit of Unity that started in Atlanta in March, ended in June in Guatemala, and was enjoyed by all.  In collaboration with Guatemala Prospera, the entire Team was able to make unbelievable impact, as planned, on a global scale in the areas of Business, Government, Education, Media, Entertainment, Church and Family.  

A people who primarily knew each other from a Private Facebook page came together from all over the U.S. and the four corners of the world (Australia, India, Nigeria, Aruba, Philippines, Norway, Canada, etc.) and made history together.  I played a small part, in the big picture, but out of 150 coaches, here is how I personally served while in Guatemala.

My 1st Group was the Senior Leadership of the Guatemalan Army (HOOAH!!!) who through the personal connection and teaching material, relaxed and remained attentive, while embracing the training with humility, vulnerability and transparency.  It was such a beautiful thing to see Army General officers, so open to personal growth and admit that there was room for improvement.  

My next stop was the Social Security Office where employees remained two hours past the normal work day to receive training; without pay and for some, past the hours of public transportation.  One of the laws studied on this day was the Law of the Trade-Off, which states, "You have to give up, to grow up."  Clearly, HOPE allowed for this law to be in full effect even before Social Security office personal knew that the law existed.
 I had a great morning with Atento Call Center Leadership, who had four ladies named Mary, so it was interesting day of remembering names and teaching with no shoes on...just know that I'm taller than most Guatemalans.  Most of these guys speak English...I said most...needless-to-say, I did get caught-up and had to back track a couple of times, as my Translator, Gabby was caught-up too. (LoL)

This is one of Guatemala's Mayor's staff members enjoying the 4 hour session with energy, laughter and excitement...they kept me laughing...  

These are some of the Leaders at the Banrural Bank, which is kind of like the U.S. version of Bank of America, and was my last group.  It was such a great connection that even brought the 'frog' and tears to my eyes...I had to re-group...and actually had the class extend their hands towards me and say "Get Yourself Together!" The Translator took a minute to interpret it, but, it was finally returned with laughter and a post on my Facebook page.

We were scheduled to train for 4 hours a day, but as you see, I was blessed to serve for 8 hours two of the days, and for 4 on the last day.  Such a rewarding experience that included praryer love and great material.  The beauty of this entire experience is seen in the five different people groups, yet all were receptive, alert, and each training session resulted in EXCITEMENT, AWARENESS, HOPE, and A FUTURE with great reward, positive results and a lot of hugs, kisses and pictures.  Meet my Interpreters:

Gabby, my Interpreter at the Atento Call Center

Jay-R (Juan) and Pastor Ralston, my Partner Coach and Interpreter, respectively at Banrural Bank.  They both speak some degree of Spanish...and got caught-up...I had to remind them that I needed HELP...esp. after I put Jay-R on the spot and had him to teach for me...what was I thinking about?  However, he did an awesome job facilitating.

This is Andrea, my Interpreter while at the Social Security office which was in a hospital.  This young lady was unknown to me  when we 1st met the Translators, but yet was in my initial pictures, and was the last blessing that I connected with prior to boarding the bus in Antigua to go home.

Meet CEO Dawn, one of our awesome Trainers, who prepared us phenomenally well to teach "Roundtables" and sing.

Meet Fernando, he is the Interpreter that set the example for future interpretors to follow.  He was my 1st experience with using an "Echo." He did a tremendous job translating and following me around.  I will admit, at first, I was thinking, "why is he following me." (LoL)

Receiving my assignment and materials at 6am for Training on Day 1.

Beautiful Selena, she accompanied me to train the Mayor's staff.  I had to keep her from laughing with the group, as I made a statement in English that was interpreted in Spanish as "Who has a penis" (LoL)...I think I asked for a Volunteer who had "a bird." (LoL) ...Clearly, we had an awesome time together.
"La Transformacion Esta En Mi"
(Transformation Begins In Me)

 THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING for the JMT...there is so much more to share about what took place in Guatemala; the Training, the Worship Service, the After Party...and of course, in the lives of the people, in us Coaches, in the Translators, and even in Family Members...No worries, I will do so in my next update.  

Meanwhile, Consider JOINING THE TEAM AND BLESS THE WORLD WITH YOUR GIFT TOO...Contact Me for Additional Information

Sharon D. Green
Alethes Consulting Group, LLC

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  1. Excellent Sharon. I am so proud of you. You are a wonderful example of using your talents for the furtherance of the Gospel. May God continue to bless you and the Team.